What Are The Treatments For Fistula?

There are various treatments which are being done to cure fistula.

Ksharsutra for Fistula is one of the successful Ayurveda treatment methods with high success rate. Kshar Sutra (Seton) is an Ayurvedic Para-surgical therapy for the management of anorectal disorders.

This is a surgical procedure in which the fistula tract is completely cut out. With General anesthesia, the fistula tract is removed and the groove that is formed is left behind to heal. This procedure carries with the risk of damage to the sphincter muscle resulting in fecal incontinence and that’s why it is usually used as a treatment option for Complex fistula.

During the fistulotomy, your doctor will make an incision in your body to open up the abnormal connection between the two organs. This could potentially cause some complications following the surgery, including bowel incontinence (if the anus or rectum is involved), abscess or recurrence of the fistula.

This technique is minimally invasive and sphincter-saving technique for treating complex fistulas. A video telescope allows surgeons to see inside the fistula tract.

LIFT procedure is usually for Complex fistulas. Firstly, a seton is kept in the fistula tract, forcing it to widen over time. So after a few weeks, the surgeon removes the infected tissue and closes the internal fistula opening.

The advantage of LIFT procedure is that the fistula access between the sphincter muscles thus avoiding cutting them.

FiLac technique uses the Leonardo Laser. Because the aim of the procedure is to gently remove the fistula tract without damaging the sphincter muscle. So the patient takes general anesthesia and requires about 30-40 minute to finish the procedure

At Bottom’s Up Clinics – we do a combination of the world’s best treatment options to give you the best results. We frequently employ of combination Laser Therapy with LIFT technique which is the best result oriented therapy so far and with the least amount of recurrence. Also since these are minimally invasive techniques, there is absolutely no chance of sphincter/valve damage leading to loss of bowel control.

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