Best Doctor for Piles In Bangalore

best piles doctor in BangalorePiles or hemorrhoids is a disease of the gastrointestinal system. Piles causes bleeding from the anal region and this bleeding occurs due to swollen veins and inflammation in the rectum. Piles exists and appears as swollen and inflammed tissue in the anal area which can be of different sizes, inside or outside the anus.


Piles is a significantly common disease. A large number of people suffer from piles. According to a recent study, in India approximately 40,723,288 people are reported to have piles/ hemorrhoids and about 1 million new cases are reported annually with these figures rising considerably. The chances of getting piles increases with increasing age so it’s important that you stay aware of best hospital for piles treatment near you.

Keeping the above scenario in mind and understanding the plight of numerous people, Dr Yuvraj Gelhot, who is one of India’s leading Proctologist for treatment of piles, decided to set up a clinic that would be dedicated solely to the treatment of piles and other anorectal conditions. To turn his dream of making lives better into reality, Bottom’s Up Clinic was established in Bangalore. If you’re searching for the best piles hospital in Bangalore, look no further because bottom’s up clinic, Whitefield, Bangalore is here to your rescue.

Bottom’s up clinic is a state-of-the-art Proctology Clinic in Bangalore, that provides advanced treatment for piles and other anorectal conditions like hemorrhoids, fistula, Hernia, fissure, constipation and much more.

It’s a fact that piles is a disease that is not only associated with pain and discomfort, but it is also associated with fear of judgment. This fear of judgment which surrounds piles, is the reason behind the silence of people suffering from it, and often this fear of judgment makes it harder for people to open about their pain and seek proper help.

It’s very important that we break this silence and here is where best proctologists of India like Dr Yuvraj Gelhot come, to tackle these problems effortlessly.

It’s very important that we break this silence and here is where best proctologists of India like Dr Yuvraj Gelhot come, to tackle these problems effortlessly.

A small insight into the life of Dr Gelhot will show you that has done his graduation from the prestigious SRTR medical college. After that he carried on with his post graduation from a well known prestigious Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai. IN 2007. During his post graduation days , he has been  fortunate enough to work with stalwarts in Colo Rectal surgery like Dr M G Nariani ( Founder President of Association of Colo Rectal Surgeons of India i.e. ACRSI ) , Dr M M Begani ( Senior Colorectal Surgeon , Dr Niranjan Agarwal ( President Elect ACRSI ).

Looking into his outstanding academic career, throughout his studies he has excelled at various conferences while pursuing his quest for being the best at what he does. After successfully completing his post graduation, he worked at other prestigious institutes like Bhabha Hospital and Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. He is now counted amongst the best doctors for piles treatment in, Bangalore.

Having been exposed to the field of Colo-Rectal surgery during his formative years , he went on to learn the advanced colorectal surgeries under the able guidance of Internationally acclaimed mentors like Dr Arun Rojanasakul ( Founder of LIFT technique ) , Dr Per Med Zwiesigk ( Laser proctology Mentor).

Dr Yuvraj Gelhot successfully completed his training in LASER Surgery in Proctology from Berlin, Germany has been awarded various fellowships from prestigious organizations like F.I.A.G.E.S., F.I.S.C.P. He is currently providing best laser treatment for piles, in bottom’s up clinic Bangalore.

Dr Yuvraj Gelhot established Bottom’s Up Clinic, near Richmond road Ashok Nagar, Bangalore with a vision to provide scientific and methodical treatment to patients suffering from ano-rectal conditions. At Bottom’s Up Clinic, best treatment for piles is provided.

With more than 13  years of experience and unmatched knowledge on his subject, Dr Yuvraj Gelhot has indeed become one of the best proctologists in Bangalore and best surgeon for treatment of piles.

He has always given preference to curb the disease at a primary stage by adopting a holistic treatment approach.

Dr Yuvraj Gelhot has treated thousands of piles patients so far and the numbers are increasing significantly each day. This has made bottom’s up clinic, best piles hospital in Bangalore.

Dr Yuvraj Gelhot, is not just providing the best treatment of piles in Bangalore but he has also shared his experience and knowledge with the world by presenting research papers at various international surgical conferences regarding his medical experience of treating piles.

He has been religiously investing his time and hard work to get better and advanced techniques  for his patients. He is working forward to find techniques which are minimally invasive for the patient and give the best possible results which makes Bottom’s Up Clinic, the best choice for hemorrhoids treatment in bangalore.

To honour Dr Yuvraj Gelhot’s knowledge on the subject of treatment of piles and his tremendous efforts that helped him become one of the best proctologists in Bangalore for treatment of piles, he was recently awarded “Best research paper” in the 41st National conference of the Association of Colorectal Surgeons of India, ACRSICON 2018, held in Kolkata

If you’re experiencing anorectal issues and are looking for medical help, visit bottom’s up clinic,Bangalore, for the best treatment of piles. At Bottom’s up clinic, a holistic approach is followed. If you’re in Bangalore, the best pile treatment near you is Bottom’s Up Clinic, Richmond road Ashok Nagar. If you are looking for piles laser treatment in bangalore hospitals, visit bottom’s up clinic.

If you’re worried about piles treatment cost in bangalore, don’t break a sweat because all treatment at Bottom’s Up Clinic, under the care of Dr Yuvraj Gelhot, is done at as minimal cost as possible.

If you’re looking for piles treatment without surgery and want to learn about home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, visit bottom’s up clinic which is a one stop for treatment and management of anorectal diseases.