Do Bananas Cause or Relieve Constipation?

Did your Grandmother or mother ever suggest you to eat bananas to help you get relief from constipation? Yes, bananas are the most popular home remedy to cure constipation for all age groups. Bananas are seasonless fresh fruits available for us round the year. And people widely believe that bananas relieve us from constipation while some also believe that they cause constipation.
So which is true? Both, actually.
Bananas relieve from Constipation:-
Bananas have significant amounts of both soluble and insoluble fibre that can’t be digested by the digestive system. When you eat fiber-rich foods, the fibre moves to the large bowel without being digested.
Dietary fibre absorbs water. So, if you drink water after eating banana, the fibre in the banana absorbs water and swells up in the large intestine. It makes the stool soft and bulky. The soft stool is easy to pass through thus gives relief from constipation.
Bananas cause Constipation:-
The insoluble fibre is high in unripe bananas. If you don’t drink enough water after eating it, then the fibre will form a hard bulk in the intestine. It is difficult to pass thus causing constipation.
However, if you eat large amounts of banana and don’t drink enough water, they can make your stools hard and bulky.
Same logic applies for other fiber-rich foods also. So our body needs everything in moderation. Take good care of your body with a better lifestyle.

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