Why Is Piles so Common in India?

Everybody has piles as they are the normal occurrence as part of our body structure and yes they are important as such they are integral part of the body mechanism which maintains stool and gas control. Only when they start growing and producing symptoms are they needed to be treated, else everything is perfectly fine!
So it means that even if you have symptomatic piles, there is nothing to be ashamed of! Piles are found in everybody and everyone has them naturally!!! Only difference is that yours have overgrown and hence start producing symptoms.

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Now let us look at why do they start overgrowing?
Straining :
Applying force to pass out stools is the leading cause of making them overgrow.
The most common reason why we tend to apply force to clean ourselves out is simple – the stool isn’t coming out smoothly enough. The reasons for these are multifold but the good part is that all are correctable. Most of them are dependent on what and how we drink and eat.
The most common reasons for not having a smooth stool is lack of dietary fibres and less amount of water intake. In simple terms , we have forgotten what our gut/ intestine are designed to digest and once we get back to what they are designed to digest , the stool starts becoming smooth and there is no need to strain or make effort to pass it !!! We have been blessed with a very wonderful and thorough system to control and pass motion, all we have to do is to connect back to what its designed to digest!!!
In a way it goes well with the understanding that “You are what you Eat!!!” Very true!!!
Prolonged sitting :
You got it right. Our body structure wasn’t designed for the 2 legged beings that we have evolved into. There is already an element of gravity that is acting on the hemorrhoidal cushions
In the erect posture that we follow and there is a downward pull already on these tissues which were never designed for that.
In addition to that , most of our activities entail prolonged hours of sitting. This creates pooled up blood in the hemorrhoidal cushion vessels due to congestion which increases their weight and coupled with the gravity , it starts overgrowing downwards in the anal canal.
The straining which we employ for passing stools in fact accelerates this process and the piles start becoming significant and symptomatic.
That’s the reason it’s very much prevalent at high risk jobs like software professionals, office goers, drivers, garment industry workers etc.
Hence it has been now accepted in the medical fraternity that “Piles is the price that we have paid for our evolution!!!” No other species in the whole universe has it !!!
1. Increase in abdominal pressure during pregnancy, childbirth & weight-lifting
2. Low fiber diet – intake of less than 30 grams of fiber per day
3. Obesity – because excessive weight puts pressure on the veins of the rectum and anus

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