Can Reading Newspaper in the Toilet Cause Piles?

Can Reading Newspaper in the Toilet Cause Piles _-compressed

Tell us if this sounds familiar to you…

You like to stay updated with the world around you and reading the morning newspaper is probably the best morning habit you’ve inculcated in your life. It has been a part of your daily routine and one of the things you look forward to after waking up.

But you live in such a busy city like Bangalore and this busy lifestyle demands multitasking, you can’t lag at all. So in order to save some time you take the morning newspaper along with you inside the washroom. You’re in love with your newspaper and you’re addicted to your morning newspaper so much so that you think you won’t be able to pass a healthy and satisfying bowel movement without it. 

So every morning inside your washroom, you and your companion newspaper sit. While knowledge goes in, other unwanted things come out of your body, quite literally, at the same time.

It has been working out quite well for you so far. But think about it this way for once.

Is it really a good habit?

Is it really saving your time?

Do You Know About Piles ?

In simple words, piles are something you don’t want to have ever. Here is why –

Piles also known as hemorrhoids, is a disease that causes bleeding from the anal region and this bleeding occurs due to swollen veins and inflammation in the rectum. Piles exists and appears as swollen and inflammed tissue in the anal area which can be of different sizes, inside or outside the anus. It is possible to have both internal and external piles at the same time. 

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First let’s understand what causes Piles

Increased pressure in the rectum, over the course of time, causes swelling of blood vessels and inflammation. This increased pressure generally causes piles.

Increased pressure may also occur due to –

  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Chronic cough
  • Higher pressure in the abdomen during pregnancy increases the chance of piles.
  • Severe obesity
  • Lifting heavyweights
  • Straining while passing stools

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What are the Symptoms of Piles?

Piles is an easily identifiable disease but during the initial stages when a person has piles the symptoms can be hard to identify. If you suspect that you may have piles look out for the following symptoms –

  • You will experience bleeding from anal region.
  • There will be bright red blood visible in the pot after passing stools.
  • Bleeding can be painless.
  • You may experience pain in the anus.
  • You can experience pain while passing stool.
  • There can be itching in the anus.
  • You may feel the presence of lumps in the anus.
  • These lumps can be hard and painful.
  • These lumps may look red, pink or purple upon inspection.
  • Area around the anus can get red and itchy.
  • There will be discomfort while passing stool.
  • There can be soreness in the anus.
  • You may feel fullness in bowels even after passing stools.
  • There can be presence of slimy mucus in your underwear around the anal region.
  • Presence of slimy mucus around your anus that may drip from your anus.


If you’re still unable to understand and identify these symptoms, meet your physician at bottom’s up clinic in Bangalore for the treatment and diagnosis.

How can reading newspaper, cause piles ?

If you’re generally spending a lot of time putting strain over your anal area while you are in the toilet, you’re at a high risk of developing piles.

Taking the newspaper inside the toilet increases the time that you spend inside. It divides your attention between reading the newspaper and relieving yourself properly. Due to this you strain for a longer period of time in order to pass stools smoothly.

Reading while you are about to pass stools causes distractions in the natural flow of things. 

Spending too much time on the toilet causes pressure on your rectum and anus. Because the seat is cut out, your rectum is lower than the rest of your backside. Eventually gravity takes over, and blood starts to pool and clot in those veins causing the development of piles/hemorrhoids.

You may not realise it but over the course of time your washroom experiences will get less and less satisfactory and all this will lead to serious gastrointestinal issues and piles.

How long is too long ?

You can safely sit and pass stools as long as your stool passes naturally without exerting strain and pressure over the anal area. If you’re exerting a lot of strain while passing stools, improve your diet and meet a doctor, don’t sit for too long.

The Medical community generally agrees that you should limit the time you spend sitting on the toilet to ten minutes or less. If you find that it consistently takes you longer than this to take care of business, consider eating more fiber, which helps ward off constipation.

What Should You Do?

Start with avoiding distractions and leave the newspaper behind. When you go to the toilet leave not only the newspaper but things like magazines, comics or cell phones behind.

Leave the newspaper behind.

When you go to the toilet leave not only the newspaper but things like magazines, comics or cell phones behind.

Concentrate only on doing what you went in for. Distractions will make your washroom experiences less satisfactory. You might not just be missing out on the sense of satisfaction but you are also making matters worse by straining for long periods of time. All these mistakes invite gastrointestinal issues and add on to poor digestion.

If you are taking too much time sitting on the pot and cannot pass stools smoothly without straining it’s time that you seek help. 

If you’re having a hard time passing stools and have to eventually strain in order to have a bowel movement, think about getting professional help. 

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