7 Ways to Relieve Constipation

Constipation has become a common problem in almost everyone’s life. It’s so common that now most of us almost think of it as routine issue. Bad lifestyle choices should be counted as the main culprit that has given rise to this condition.

Some of the most common things that should certainly be blamed are junk food consumption, smoking, drinking less water, lack of exercise and overeating. People who are affected by constipation usually feel bloated and uneasy. They may feel discomfort and find it difficult to pass stool easily.

According to a popular survey done by a global marketing research agency, it was found that almost 14% of India’s urban population were found to be suffering from chronic constipation.

But we really need to suffer like this from constipation when a few simple changes and add ons in your diet can fix it forever?

Here is how you can avoid constipation and treat it in seven ways –

1- Eat Fibre & Drink Water

Try starting off your day with a high-fibre diet. Add some multigrain breads and replace processed flour with whole wheat flour. You can also snack on dried beans, prunes, figs, pears and oatmeal as these foods are loaded with fibre.

You can also mix one to two teaspoons of psyllium seeds into a cup of hot water and let it sit for two hours, then add lemon and honey to the mixture and consume it. This drink is loaded with fibre and should relieve constipation.

You can also add flaxseeds in your diet. Flaxseeds are high in fibre and also contain omega-3 fats which will keep your heart healthy. Take one to two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds and consume them two or three times a day. You can also add it your morning cereal or smoothie or sprinkle it on the food you eat.

Consumption of fibre adds bulk to stool. If you’re new to adding fibre in your diet, don’t go crazy with it. Start by consuming a small amount to prevent gas, bloating and cramping.

Don’t forget to consume ample amount of water at least 8 to 12 glasses a day to make your digestion easier and better. Drinking water makes the digestion smooth and helps passing stools more easily.

2 – Drink something warm.

Caffeine can work its magic on your bowel. If you’re a coffee drinker, you would know by now that coffee has a bowel-loosening effect. So you can also consume some coffee to relieve constipation.

However, don’t drink too much of it as it’s also a diuretic and can be harmful in huge quantities.

Make some herbal or decaffeinated tea if you don’t want to try coffee. Even a simple cup of hot water with some lemon juice can help your bowel movements.

Dandelion tea is known for its mildly laxative effect. Add one teaspoon of dried dandelion root in one cup of boiling water. Drink a cup full of this warm mixture three times a day.

3- This oil will work

Castor oil is known for its magical properties when it comes to making a stubborn bowel move. Castor oil constrains a compound that when digested, slowly stimulates the small and large intestines. This increases the bowel movements and helps pass stools smoothly.

Close your eyes, pinch your nose and try to swallow one to two teaspoons quickly on an empty stomach.

Give it eight hours to work its magic. It sounds unappetising but it works!

4 – Snack on Prunes & Raisins

Prunes are known to be one of the oldest home remedies for treatment of constipation.

Prunes are high in fibre and they also contain a compound called dihydroxyphenyl isatin. This compound acts on the colon and increases its action which in turn helps stools to pass.

Raisins are also very high in fibre. They also contain tartaric acid, which has a laxative effect.

So snack on some raisins and prunes and add them to your daily diet for healthy bowel movements.

5- Exercise

Get up and move. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your digestive system in check and help your bowel movements stay healthy. Regular exercise helps your body digest food properly and move it quickly out of your body. Go for a morning walk, try running, jogging and indulging in yoga. You can even join the gym for proper exercises. Start by trying to add walking in your daily routine. Make it an aim to walk at least 30 minutes a day. This will bring many positive changes.

6- Don’t force it

Relax if you’re struggling and passing stools have become a hard task. Just don’t force a bowel movement as it can give rise to hemorrhoids or anal fissures. These are discomforting and painful conditions that cause bleeding and can eventually narrow the anal canal opening. This can worsen your condition.

7- Don’t ignore it

Never ignore the urge to relieve yourself. Don’t hold yourself when you have a strong urge to pass stools. When nature calls, answer it and go to the washroom. If you’re ignoring this urge to relieve yourself and you’re trying to hold on, you’re inviting a case of constipation.

Now that you know what needs to be done, get moving and try these remedies.

If you’re still not able to relieve your condition meet Best Constipation Doctor in Bangalore get proper medical assistance immediately.

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