5 foods to avoid to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids

In majority of cases controlled diet can help avoid hemorrhoids. Observations from various medical studies has proved that certain food can do increase the negative impact of hemorrhoids. They are

Dairy Products:
Most of the dairy products contain a sticky protein called Casein. And it is very hard to digest Casein for humans. And they contain very little fiber. So it’s best to limit the intake of these.

Refined Foods:
In many cases, a diet that is rich in refined carbohydrates can leads worsening the hemorrhoid condition. Due to this , the following foods should either be entirely avoided, or consumed in distinctly small quantities:
Ready-Made Meals
White Bread
Processed Foods

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Deep Fried and Spicy foods:
Although deep-frying foods every now and then probably won’t damage your health permanently, during hemorrhoid, you should avoid fried foods.

They can be damaging to hemorrhoids in two ways.
Fried foods are heavy and hard to digest.
Fried foods are typically cooked in vegetable oils which are extremely inflaming and can cause damage to the intestinal walls. The damage can make hemorrhoids larger and more painful.

Coffee, Tea and Alcohol:
Drinking lots of coffee and Tea beverages at least 6 cups of coffee each day will dehydrate your body, making your stools harder. Alcohol is a painful risk to those who suffer with hemorrhoids because Alcohol can cause irritation within the intestinal tract, which of course then results in the aggravation of the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.

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Lacking Physical Activity:
Avoid sitting down for extended periods of time to reduce pressure on your bottom area. Get up from your chair at least once in 20-30 minutes and walk 5 minutes to get your circulation started. You can also do squats, lunges, leg lifts etc. not more than 10-15 minutes because more stress on bottom area will upsets hemorrhoids.